Hooks Point of Sale Hooks Point of Sale


The creative team of Hooks combines form and function to create custom and ready-made point-of-sale collections that blend with and compliment store design.

The clean, graphic style of the ALLURE point-of-sale collection oozes high-end. Luxurious style with gold-colored brass and translucent acrylic. Varying heights and strong geometric shapes create a diverse group of characters within a single family.

The colorful CONES adds color to the shopping experience – perfect for elevating even the simplest apparel designs. Made from sturdy metal, the cone-shaped base acts as a solid counterpart to the slender upper design.

SERVEUR combines classic modernist style with a luxurious touch, without sacrificing graphic elements. Quickly adaptable features make for easy usability and create functional designs with versatile character. Designed with a stylish matte copper and black finish.

The organic character of the BOIS point-of-sale collection instantly adds a modern feel to your store. Combining minimalist design with clean white metal, this Scandinavian look uses  wooden ‘trunks’ as a recurring feature. Subtle, sturdy detailing gives a sporty touch.

The whimsical design immediately catches the eye. Inspired by nature, TREES is a versatile collection to display anything from shoes to jewellery, apparel or hats. The combination of wood and crisp white polyurethane makes a clean, solid statement.

Based on dynamic animal shapes, ANIMENTALS is a point-of-sale collection that radiates playfulness and abstraction. The geometric design, raw metal and powder-coating finish create a normcore look to support a contemporary and innovative style.

Hooks is a joint venture between Hans Boodt Mannequins and Soopl.